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Retail Voice Services

Residential VoIP telephony

MIT Telecom platform provides a complete suite of VoIP backend elements that enable providers to offer cutting edge next generation residential telephony services. The term means not only full replacement of landlines but also bringing to use the experience of unified communication with support for video, HD audio, mobility and the advanced self care web portal to name just a few of the main features.

Consumers can communicate using IP phones, newer generations of which support instant messaging and video conferencing. When on the move they can be reachable on their smartphones or tablets or they can sign in to a PC or MAC softphone and enjoy its versatility. And all this using the same account shared on multiple devices.

Direct Inward Dialling (DID)/virtual phone numbers

A complimentary feature to residential VoIP. Consumers can order geographical phone numbers from various locations. The system works with all the biggest DID wholesale providers thus enabling automated ordering and management of numbers through web APIs.

Mobile VoIP and RCS

In recent times, along with a surge in the smartphones market, mobile VoIP has received a lot of attention as a real threat to GSM text and voice services. Next generation services, encompassed by the term Rich Communication Suite, are being deployed by OTT providers and target users globally.

Free calling and texting between users is now expected, as are additional features like video calling, multimedia sharing, geolocation, push and group chat. A provider can still earn on termination to non-users (offnet numbers) for both voice and sms, and can also offer phone numbers and additional paid services.

MIT Telecom offers a solution which provides RCS nodes serving all the most sought after consumer features. They work in connection with the main softswitch core and its application servers.

In addition, the whole system can be integrated with 3rd party softswitches and billing systems in order to retain existing user accounts and billing.