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IPTV, VOD and Triple Play

3PLAY Overview

MIT Telecom, Inc Hotel 3Play is a triple play product. designed for management and delivery of Video-on-Demand, VoIP Telephony, and Internet Access services in hotels. The product enables the delivery of voice, video and data services to each hotel room over a hotel’s internal IP network. It features intelligent content management, flexible billing and robust content delivery capabilities. Hotel 3Play has an integrated Property Management System (PMS) and can be utilized as a single-box solution for managing the operations of small to medium-size hotels.

Key Features

  • Video-on-Demand Management and Billing
  • Video Content Delivery
  • Support for Unicast and Multicast Streaming
  • VoIP Telephony Provisioning and Billing
  • Internet Access and Billing
  • Integrated Hotel Property Management System