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Managed Security

MIT Telecom Cloud Endpoint Security offers comprehensive protection for your Windows-based computer systems. Simple to set up, easy to use and delivering advanced protection. Cloud services are enabling organisations to move their IT/data infrastructure and services off-site and on to a next generation service.

Features and Benefits

  • Management of PCs, laptops and servers
  • Configuration of anti-virus protection based on user requirements
  • Remote policy management for servers and desktops
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Real-time notifications from remote users
  • Global and granular reporting
  • Flexible and cost effective billing

Enterprise Backup Services

Resolutions Managed Server Protection is the complete, secure and simple online backup software and fully managed off-site service for your business, giving high levels of resilience for disaster recovery.

Features and Benefits

  • Automatic offsite scalable backup
  • MS Exchange Backup and Granular Recovery
  • Backup SQL, SharePoint and Windows servers
  • Backup thousands of laptops and workstations
  • Completely scalable, add storage space at any time
  • Automatically and infinitely archive unlimited versions of files
  • Multiple computer accounts/backup sets
  • Triple encryption of service

Server Monitoring

Resolutions’ Cloud can monitor all aspects of your Windows servers and desktops from simple event log entries to your complete Microsoft Exchange deployment. Using the agent server manager, Resolutions Server Monitoring Solution will report on the status of your assets.

Features and Benefits

  • Reachability
  • Windows Event Log
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • CPU Utilisation
  • Disk Utilisation
  • Memory Utilisation
  • Bandwidth Utilisation


Resolutions' Cloud Management Center allows Server and desktop optimization services delivered to your IT by introducing a new efficient way to optimise servers and desktops in the business and enterprise world, scalable optimization services that allow remote deployment and management.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple one-click deployment onto clients
  • Improve LOB application performance
  • Analyse single machines, workgroups or the entire network
  • Manage cleaning rules and settings from one place
  • Active Directory support

Remote Access

Resolutions provides an All-In-One solution for a wide variety of scenarios in a single software package which, with cloud technology, allows service providers to deliver superior levels of support to businesses. Highly secure remote maintenance solution. Your connections are established via fully encrypted data channels using 1024-bit RSA key exchange and 256-bit AES session encoding.

Features and Benefits

  • Deliver remote maintenance
  • Spontaneous support
  • Access unattended computers
  • Create and deliver online meetings


Resolutions Push Client Messaging service allows IT administrators to communicate with remote end user hardware estates in the event of emergency situations and unforeseen issues with servers or desktops. Service delivery partners can alert end users of impending license expirations and be sure the message makes it to the user.

Features and Benefits

  • Get real-time presence information
  • Push important announcements to the endpoint
  • Enables support to assist with incidents with immediate effect

Software Deployment

Resolutions’ Remote and Automatic Deployment solution offers software and application deployment, configuration, PC personality migration and software deployment across hardware platforms from the cloud.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily create jobs and tasks that automate deployment and migration functions
  • Integrated Resolutions' technology already built on the Cloud Management Platform including security, backup and recovery
  • Configure each system based on standardized criteria such as job function, user type or location

License Key Management

Resolutions' Cloud Management Solutions allows the remote management or software assets to be monitored and managed with the Resolutions' cloud tools to ensure compliance across distributed global networks.

Features and Benefits

  • Remotely parse inventory
  • Enable lifecycle management of software assets
  • Retain control of cost attributed to licensing provisioning